The historic mining camp of Ryan was the Pacific Coast Borax Company’s main borate mining operation (Colemanite & Ulexite) in Death Valley from the mid-teens through the mid-1920’s – when richer, more accessible deposits were discovered in the Kramer District of the Mojave – known today as “Boron,” CA.  

Ryan was a luxurious mining camp by any standards of the day – with electricity, steam heat and refrigeration it also boasted a school, a hospital, post office, recreation hall/church (shipped down in sections from Rhyolite) and a general store.

Faced with owning two railroads (the Tonopah & Tidewater & the Death Valley Railroad which connected DV Jct. to Ryan) and brand new facilities at Death Valley Junction, after the relocation of its mining operations to Boron, U.S. Borax decided to promote the Death Valley area for tourism.  Facilities at Ryan were converted into the “Death Valley View Hotel” (…and in the valley proper, the luxurious Furnace Creek Inn was constructed in 1927.)

Ryan Camp is fragile and work is ongoing to restore and preserve it by the nonprofit Death Valley Conservancy thanks to the generous support of Rio Tinto and US Borax and also people like you!

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